I want to give you some basic ways you can make money off this potential 2020 recession, now as it sits Q3 really solidified the chances of a Q2-Q3 2020 recession and so I suggest you plan for it-well actually I suggested you start to plan for it in Q1 of 2019 but if you still haven’t its time too. Worst case is it doesn’t hit that hard but market still softens up and provides you with plenty of buying opportunities.

There will be plenty of tired business owners in 2020 who are looking to sell, plenty of home owners looking to sell etc etc.

  1. Home Fallout- People will be needing cheap housing to rent as they loose their home, so apartments, housing, multi unit with low/no credit checks will shine during this time.
  2. Credit Repair- I have mentioned this many times, 7 million people are 90 days or more delinquent on payments, any credit fix programs will again be like taking candy from a baby.
  3. Specialized Knowledge- Online education courses will do well because people will be looking for new specialized training as the job market shrinks and they see how unprepared they were for the pullback- the upper middle class will be proactive here, get into position with your websites and courses now!
  4. Hard Money Lending- People will need cash and probably willing to pay any interest for it, safe to assume shadow banking will expand.
  5. Precious Metals- Have precious metals (gold, silver) before recession starts and hyper inflation hits, because you will hedge against that rising inflation and preserve purchasing power
  6. Cash On Hand- Having cash on hand to buy struggling businesses, housing, stocks etc.

Once the recession hits and everyone knows it, it should already be too late to buy metals, that’s the time to sit back and watch that part of your portfolio grow in value.

Remember recessions are the times when the biggest wealth transfers happen, and unfortunately usually from the low/middle earners into the hands of the top earners. This isn’t because “its not fair”, its because they know what to do and they don’t play around, broke people do.

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