The Story Of Empire Research

Empire started off as something much smaller and as time goes on as we continue to align with like minded individuals, the vision of Empire continues to take shape!

Empire Research started off as a little Youtube channel started by Jameson Brandon called Crypto Junkies, back on July 31st 2017. The channel back then focused on documenting his journey starting into Cryptocurrencies, with his initial investment of $10,000 USD, he quickly grew his portfolio to just over $320,000. Then just as everyone was planning of Lamborghini's, the parabolic bubble burst and between December 2017 and February 2018, Jameson had lost over $200,000, and continued to bleed out through 2018. At that time he was living off his portfolio while he also went back to the drawing board to attempt to learn what the heck just happened to the crypto markets.

This took him deep down the rabbit holes of technical analysis, fundamental analysis, market cycles and macro economics. This naturally fascinated him, not just the data but also the fact that most people didn't appear to know about this data or care to apply it. Once applied it is life changing, and it became quite clear that is the new direction to take things.

So Jameson re-branded his Youtube, pivoted the Discord he had at the time, purged over 6,000 members and started over again.

The vision for helping others build their own empire came from the fact that most people are stingy with information and knowledge, no one in the financial space likes to "share their secrets", and that's fine from a profit standpoint but at the end of the day a man still feels empty with no fulfillment.

And just like that the Empire Community was born! Covering Macro economy, Personal Finance, Investing, Recession Indicators and more...

All of us have the choice to just quietly run off and make our money, or we can include others, open up our closed off walls and invite in those that are ready for it. That is what this community is all about, its one big family of like minded individuals all working towards lasting wealth for themselves and future families.

If you align with that, join us!

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