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Frequently Asked Questions

We use this to alert you of new video uploads on our Youtube channels since YT is doing an awful job of sending out alerts to our 25,000+ subscribers and to notify you of new article drops and special sales- that’s it!

We have several web signup forms on this site, on our substack and even on which all give you access to the same thing. You get a FREE membership on our site with access to over 7 modules filled with video and comprehensive training, helping you on all areas of Building Your Empire (Macro economy, Crypto, Stock market, Commodities, how to trade & more)! Also you get our daily Substack emails directly to your inbox and we do occasionally email you with special offers to other community offers and projects.

There is a few ways to get to the login page, first you go there directly by visiting this link right here, or if you head over to, in the top right hand corner is a login button that will redirect you to the same place.

The EIA membership gives you access to more discord channels, exclusive quarterly reports, Q&A webinars quarterly, a completely different and private membership area with training on peak performance, trading, macro economics, metals and more. You also get exclusive discount offers on everything from merch, to coaching to other programs. This membership is designed for someone just starting out with $5,000-$10,000 to invest

The EIC membership gives you a much deeper level of access to me, we work closely throughout the year, you get exclusive metals and swing trade setup feeds, yearly meetup, black reports and much more! This is really geared towards someone looking to setup and run a $100k + portfolio per year.

Great question, we actually share our full resource list to all EIA members, but we do pull from all over the internet. We pull from news outlets like Bloomberg, Zerohedge, CNBC, Reuters and FT and federal sites like St. Louis FRED and Census data the government releases.

If you want to know our viewpoints and opinions on various macro economic situations, tune in and subscribe to our Youtube channel, that is where we share that.

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