Well here we are the first week of March and I still haven’t completed my 2021 trends report. I have to say out of all the years, this year especially I am just completely and utterly unmotivated to pen this. I have re-writen this from scratch now twice as well as pick at it and attempt to write it now probably half a dozen times to no avail since December 29th 2020 when I first create the google doc. See I was all ready to jump into my normal format of breaking things down into the primary 7-11 areas of focus for the year but then realized that there is so much that happened in 2020 and with the level of research I did last year it would be too hard for me to decide which level of detail to stop at and it would’ve just turned into one long tangent after another. I didn’t want that!

You can check out the 2020 Trends Report here to see the usual format if you like. So big question is what changed? Why am I utterly so unmotivated to finish this…?

Its no surprise that 2020 was an utter dumpster fire of a year in terms of the sher size of sht going on in so many areas, it really was a challenge of focus but in 2020 there was actually a ton of predictions that I was right about and at first like usual you kinda start padding your ego a bit and thinking you’re special but then it wears off, and then it goes against you as things that I didn’t want to be true even though I could tell that was a potential outcome started happening and as the year went on it just turned really tragic in my brain. I stopped mentioning most of it in my private community and stopped really caring to back track it all to pin together and save. Its also no wonder why so many people were screaming for it all to stop and to just go back to sleep.

Now here we are in the third month of 2021, and things are looking exactly like the worst case scenario myself and many others saw coming. It looks like we will see more war and conflict with the US in the middle east (Iran), they already deployed thousands more troops into Syria (and now just a week ago bombed Syria for no reason) and reversed the troop exit from Germany. Biden has stuffed his cabinet with tons of career politicians, appointed people in the DOJ to help Hunter get off the hook and the collusion and conflict of interest has never been higher. Back to the good-old-boys club I see. Back to the sleepy admin the public doesn’t want to care exists, while we get the in-depth pieces on what is bidens favorite ice cream.

That to me is extremely depressing, that mixed with how Wall st was just bailed out again on the back end of the Wallstbets Gamestop short squeeze sets the tone for what kind of year we are heading into which to a degree makes a report like this easy and short because there are only two directions we can go; worse or better. 

Let me lay out the scenarios for you…

Scenario A: All the stuff Trump warned us about with Biden comes true, cancelling the Keystone pipeline (which is estimated to cost us 1 million jobs) was just the start, illegal immigrants start flooding the US again (already an issue according to Mexican President), we go to back to war again, china continues its dominance, big tech and democrat collusion continues and no one stops it. The dog and pony show in congress continues and freedoms are stripped away through the legislation they are looking to pass on freedom of speech and 2nd Amendment. Additionally; they continue to keep interest rates low, the lockdowns never end, print more money which mostly goes to banks and wall st while you get your $1600 check again and the media continues to pitch softballs. Just read Orwell 1984 if you really want to get specifics, vaccine passports, holding camps, restricted travel and the greatest divide of social class on record is all to be expected in this scenario.

Scenario B: The people finally get sick and tired and have nothing else to lose so they stand up for their rights and start to demand justice. Cancel culture ends in a big fat laugh as those who attempted to weaponize it are removed from position, those who aren’t serving in the best interest of the people are removed from office, serious changes to capital requirements on wall st and big changes to leverage options for retail and corporate investors. Additionally, because of this big push towards attempting to rewrite history and remove those who don’t comply, social media goes completely decentralized as demanded from the people and Twitter, Facebook, Google are sued into oblivion as Section 230 is changed to better protect the people. The people are paid their back dues from these corporations for years and years of selling their data without permission and lying about it under oath in public hearings. Essentially a huge wake up call to those who are currently choosing comfort over sovereignty that creates a ripple effect of change. The Wallstbets movement gives me hope that maybe we are too far off from the bottom. 

See right now there are a lot of ideas floating around about what to do about the issues we see happening in the US, and outside of those gaslighting or attempting to hijack the conversation there are great solutions out there right now being presented. The good news is that a bunch of millionaires are made every year now, more now than ever and they are able to get more and more done with their money to effectively create change. This also gives me hope and bottom line is Americans will only get pushed so far with these new age “woke agendas” and than they will start to turn on their masters.

That’s it, you didn’t even talk about the global issues…?

Global Debt

Well its pretty much same story globally, they have all massively over leveraged themselves on one-hand they have all super high debt levels compared to GDP and on the other-hand have either cranked up QE (G 7 countries) or taken on huge debt exposure from the IMF or BIS. Overall this doesn’t end well when so many small businesses around the world have been shut down and lost now due to this.

total assets of major central banks

And here is the major central banks (ECB, BOJ, PBOC, Fed) assets on top of the S&P 500 (US stock market).

s&p 500 and assets of major central banks


I have talked at length in my premium daily emails about the high potential we now face globally of inflation, which would then probably be followed by some sort of deflation. Its almost as if Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are finally right place/right time ya?

Inflation is what we are starting to see in not only the US, but Canada, Europe and I can attest to it in Asia as well.

global inflation on the mind
seed, corn, soybean cost spikes
Based on futures data
meat cost rising
Meat Costs (US data)
Europe inflation
Feb 2021 inflation expectations
Fund Manager Survey Feb 2021 Inflation Expectations data
US small business planning on raising prices
US small businesses planning on raising prices due to cost of operations from a supply issue but also because new PPE rules.
long commodities as inflation rises
Feb 2021 data set

Keep in mind this is a pretty small data set still that I have compiled here, the math is simple, high debt/risk carried now by most countries on the planet, recession level unemployment still recovering, recovering GDP numbers, high levels of consumer debt carry etc etc. It all adds to high risk profile for the citizens.

2021 will be a pivotal year, we could see a new standard global currency come out of this as the USD might finally get phased out. Bitcoin should have its day in the sun this year, modest estimates of $100k are now almost widely accepted when we were laughed at in 2017 for our $40k estimates (bitcoin today is at $55k), as this year will mark a great year for decentralized value/power structures.

That’s it, that is the 2021 Global Trends Report. Not what you were expecting I am sure, I just couldn’t bring myself to try and unravel the threads of what just happened in 2020, it would take years to summarize and breakdown. This will have to do, if you enjoyed it, share and if you want more you can subscribe for my free newsletter (send out every once in awhile) or premium daily newsletter for just $1 per day.