This is something I haven’t talked about on this site yet, however with the end of another year and decade for that matter finally here, its smart to continue to build up streams of income. Average millionaire has 3-7 streams of revenue, most have the higher end of that. Average billionaire has 20+, Richard Branson has 90 Virgin based separate companies. Richard Branson launched the first Space company on the NYSE just a few months ago.


When it comes to streams of revenues/hustles as long as they are viable and making money, doesn’t really matter how many you have. Now, in 2019 I wasn’t planning on going out and creating a bunch of programs and services, it just so happened that I kicked the strange health issues I was facing and the clarity was just there. This is something I talk about often, when you are focused you are clear and vise versa so what I went out and created were on my mind for years and I finally just pulled the trigger and launched.

This is a great benefit to any of our Empire Builders who have been in the community since our Crypto days in 2017, watched us pivot and change directions and have benefited in their business and life since. We are currently offering an affiliate program on several of the products and services we sell, which those who are active in the community will by far have the easiest time selling/marketing this to their following, friends and family.

What I suggest you do is pick a channel that you want to share more of your story (and how myself/Empire helped you) and start creating content on that channel on a regular basis. Even though people like Gary Vee try to convince you that you should be on every single social platform, I strongly disagree, you can advertise on those networks, doesn’t mean you should be on them. If you don’t like being on camera, then you can either do screen based videos or don’t do Youtube at all, you could literally build this off of a website and email list only. Just look at a site like, they didn’t do video for the longest time, and even now they don’t do it often and I know he grows their user base each year substantially.

This doesn’t have to be overly complicated and I suggest some variation of a personal site for everyone anyway, see you want to have something to show people and you definitely want to create a business entity, go through the registration process for that to get an EIN and Duns number so you can build up its lendability with banks and other institutions.

When you meet people, you can direct them to your site and use that as a hub for all your socials and business ventures you are working on. If you are still working a day job, this is a great way to ease into entrepreneurship.

Empire Programs You Can Promote!

  • Empire Intelligence Membership- This is a yearly membership that provides daily macro emails, quarterly reports and webinars, as well as discounts on all other programs we make and exclusive offers and investment opportunities. This sells for $365 per year and you make $91 per sale you refer to us. Currently we have a $10,100 affiliate contest going on as well based on sales performance.
  • Credit Building/repair Service- We now broker Credit repair and AU tradelines packages to help people build or rebuild their scores to 800! We are just starting this out so manually approving and tracking all affiliates still but commissions are $100-200 for Tradeline package or credit repair.
  • Signup for ALL Empire Affiliate Programs Here! We will be holding an affiliate training webinar in January 2020

Non-Empire Programs You Can Promote!

  • Peak Mindset Principles- This is a digital training program, covering 19 different quick change strategies geared towards removing mental blocks and limitations, getting you back into flow quick! You make $30 per sale and we currently have a $4,000 affiliate contest going on till February for sales performance. Affiliate info and signup here

So how do you make 6 figures promoting us?

Well lets first break down what you would need to do sales wise to even make $100k in affiliate commissions.

To make $100,000 in commissions off promoting Empire Intelligence, that’s just 1,089 people who need to buy through your link. When you take into consideration the $10,100 affiliate contest going on right now, you would make an extra $10k on your first 200 sales.

So you would make $18,200 off your first 200 sales referred and then make an extra $10,100 on that and get flown out to meet with our team (we cover flights) for the day.

So you would just need to make an additional $71,700 which is just 788 sales, bringing your total effort to just 988 sales to make an additional $100k this year for promoting something that hopefully you already believe in.

To make $100,000 in commissions off the credit repair/tradeline packages you would need to sell similar to that original 1,089 people in order to cross over 6 figures.

To make $100,000 in commissions promoting Peak Mindset Principles, you would need to sell roughly 3,333 people, not including a $4k affiliate contest we are running right now.

Or you could promote all of them and combine your efforts to hit your target of 6 figures in affiliate commissions and cash bonuses for helping us grow! We are very generous when it comes to our affiliates because we understand we are nothing without you and we need your help. We will do everything we can in order to help you be successful, you just gotta talk to us.

Now lets take a quick step back and get some perspective here on all this…

To sell 1k-3k people over the course of a year actually isn’t all that difficult, in fact when we used to have our pool of affiliates and buyers list of over 60,000 people for our old business, we would sell thousands on the first day, biggest launch bringing us in over 5,000 sales and 10,000 optin leads.

In early January we will be holding an affiliate webinar training, completely free to come and the goal is to not only answer any questions you may have but give direction on setting up your promotional campaigns, driving traffic and scaling based on our years of experience!

If you’re ready to start promoting Empire and other programs, click the button below to sign up for our Empire affiliate program and we will email you the details on the free training and keep in touch with you and make sure you have everything you need to help spread the word about Empire!