These last few days you can’t go I scroll on social media without hearing about TESLA and how crazy the price action has been. This reminds me of Bitcoin 2017 actually, the reddit boards filled with big winners and losers and everyone talking about it in some way.

Its had the TESLA shorters, the pessimists and sht posters spinning around in circles these last few days as they attempt to explain away what just happened.

First off remember, people are price and price is people, unless you understand behavior and its fractal nature, you will always attempt to explain away with logic each market move and you will fail.

So naturally they all end up at the same place which is that the whole thing is rigged and its a giant ponzi scheme, ya no sht! Lets be real here, this is all a game, the game of life and keeping score is done with money- love it or hate it, that’s how it is! 90% of people in a market usually are completely full of crap, and in the case of finance and investing, its riddled with overly cocky opinionated idiots who DON’T trade and have 0 skin in the game. They just sit on the sidelines talking.

Fiat, the banking system at large, the corporate structure and much of our everyday stuff is in fact a giant ponzi, so you can choose to sit around and complain or take your piece, build your future for your family and create your own freedom. It’s your choice! So I really don’t care if you like an asset class or not, if you are in these markets to make money then you pay attention.

Since the $178 bottom where everyone was crying that TESLA was going to 0, it has returned an unheard of 442% ROI! The market cap is over $120 billion dollars now which is more than companies that produced tens of millions of dollars in revenue last year vs Tesla that lost money! This insane bull run just changed peoples life in one shot!

This move looks very different than pumps you are used to see in traditional markets like this. In fact many are already comparing this to a Bitcoin rally, its interesting because everyone is talking about this as if its a bad thing.

Remember no matter what the idiots and talking pundits say, PROFIT IS PROFIT! As I said, of course everyone scrounging for the fundamental reason why TESLA did this, well there was nothing in the Q4 earnings report and no big news drops so maybe it was a bunch of PEOPLE who did this? Crazy thought I know…

Actually think about what just happened here, we just saw parabolic growth hit in 3 days that the traditional markets have never seen before! For those in crypto, you probably been laughing all day as you see these 40-50yr old “analysts” losing their minds over this.

The biggest loser in this trade so far appears to be Saudi Arabia who sold billions worth of Tesla in Q4 of 2019, aka just before the big rally.

They Actually Want You To Lose

Its so interesting to watch article after article roll out today with narrative and undertones of “gambling” and “luck”, further painting the picture that the stock market is some great unsolved mystery that only a select few has cracked.

See deep down from the paid “journalists” to the blue check marks on Twitter, they want you to lose whether they are doing it on purpose or out of guilt trying to “save you”, they are all actively adding to your potential losses.

See in markets there are only a few things that matter, behavior is fractal, meaning it repeats itself over and over again. What can happen does happen on a regular basis in all markets! You are better off learning people and psychology vs trying to study charts and patterns, those are all comoditized skills, reading people and understanding people is the rarity here.

The part everyone missed on this whole TESLA move over the last 8 months is that people want to believe in the future, it was everything that has happened over the last 20 years of American history that just led to this price move and will lead to the future price moves of not only TESLA but other companies. It was the entire ecosystem that created this from actors pushing climate change to Space force to the impeachment, just as it was the entire ecosystem that birthed Bitcoin and created all the cycle peaks we have seen on that.

Once you get that part of it, reading the markets are a lot more straight forward. There is a structure to markets and cycle in which all run through.

I talk more about market cycles in my recent Bitcoin Price Guide and will be publishing more on market structure soon.