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The Empire Community Story Part 1

The best part of any story is the journey, the heros journey which we all have our own story to tell and I love that so many of you have joined our community and this mission we are on to free ourselves from horrible investing and finance habits while we prepare for this next great space race.

Things are about to get a whole lot crazier, which I think is awesome! NASA announced its roadmap the other day including 37 missions to the moon to establish moon bases, you got Virgin Galatic, SpaceX and Blue Orgin all in the game pushing as well.

That coolness aside lets dive deep into this community thing for a minute, you know its increibly hard to open up and share, its such an unpopular time to be yourself right now, with all the factions and division going on those who stand out are getting hammered, those who go against the norm are on the chopping block everyday!

We all face it, Youtube demonetizing, ghosting on Twitter, trolling etc, but stories and being open is what works, it always has worked, fake fasade and playing pretend wears thin on a long enough time line. I have always strived to be really open with what I am doing and building and as I made mistakes and had to pivot, I always attempted to include everyone who was involved.

This video is the first part of many videos I will shoot as we continue on our journey to “figuring it out”.


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